Gazette 30/06/2023

Headteachers message

What a fantastic week we have had!

Yesterday evening, our Year 6 children arrived back in school, after their residential, wearily dragging their suitcases behind them. It sounds like the week was so action-packed and exciting that all the children had worn themselves out!

A massive thank you to the Year 6 team, Mrs Coote and Miss Hembling for volunteering their time this week to ensure that this wonderful experience happened. It sounds as though many life long memories have been made.

The remaining Year 6’s whose company we enjoyed at school this week have enjoyed time cooking pizzas, conducting Science experiments, undertaking outdoor adventures at Belchamps and enjoying a day of sports activities provided by specialist coaches. A huge thank you to Mrs Murray, Mrs Parker, Mrs Eldridge and Mrs Hills for creating such an exciting week for the remaining Year 6 children. Mrs Rose’s son, Charlie, turned his hand to some sports, outdoor adventures and Science whilst he joined us on work experience this week. Charlie was a huge hit with our Year 6 and it has been a pleasure accommodating him this week.

In other news this week, transition morning took place today. Most classes were able to spend time with their new teachers, getting to know each other, playing games and showing the new staff what they were capable of! Unfortunately, Miss Redwood wasn’t able to join us today, but don’t panic, the current 2/3BV will get to meet Miss Redwood next Tuesday and Wednesday.

There will be an opportunity for all parents to meet the class teachers after school on Monday 10th July between 3:30 pm and 5:00pm.

M Clarke



A huge well done this week to:

RRB:     Isobel K & Vinnie G          RD: Henry H & RJ Keys
1N:  Amelia N & Elsie E 1R:   George F & Ben Q
2/3R:  Emma D & Dolly C-B 2/3BV:  Jack A & Leo M
2/3A:  Oliver P & Ellie A  
4H:  Cory C & Mia C 4L:  Albie C-T & Bella P
5L:  Aideen M & Noah W 5P:  Ronnie P & Alfie B

Meet the New Class Teacher

On Monday 10th July you will have an opportunity to meet your child’s new class teacher in their new class room. The children will be dismissed  from school at the normal time from their classrooms.  The main doors will be open at 3:30pm in the lower school and upper school building to enable teachers to move to their new room.

Arrangements for September

A huge thank you to: Mrs Row, Mrs Rawlinson Mrs Baylis, Mrs Reeves, Mr Hillson, Miss Leckerman and Mr Glasson; all of whom will embark on new adventures and be leaving us at the end of the year. You will all be missed. 
We also bid farewell to Mrs Souto at the end of the year, who leaves us to spend more time with family and enjoy becoming a lady of leisure. 
We also bid farewell to Mrs Wyer at the end of the year. After many years of dedication to the school, Mrs Wyer is off to explore adventures new. A massive, personal thank you, Mrs Wyer, for your support and help with organisation for many events over the years.
In September, we are thrilled to welcome new staff. Miss Mitchell, Miss Redwood, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Pankhurst will join the teaching team in September. I am also thrilled to share, that after many years, supporting children across the school, Mrs Squires (formely Miss Gillard) will also join the teaching team in September. Mrs Camy and Mrs Hogan will also be a welcome addition to our new office team in the coming months. I am also thrilled that Mrs Adesina who has worked covering classes in school this year will stay with us covering Mrs Howard’s maternity leave.
The classes then, are as follows:
Nursery will be taught by Mrs Rose (Early Years Leader) and Mrs Steele.
RS will be taught by Mrs Squires
RP will be taught by Mrs Pankhurst
Mr Dawson’s class  (RD) will move to 1M and be taught by Miss Mitchell.
Mrs Row’s class (RRB) will move to 1D and be taught by Mr Dawson.
Mrs Norman’s class (1N) will move to 2HV and be taught by Mrs Coote and Mrs Varrier. 
Mrs Rawlinson’s (1R) class will move to 2N and be taught by Mrs Norman. 
Mr Acquah’s class (2/3A) will move to 3/4P and be taught by Miss Price.
Mrs Baylis and Mrs Varrier’s class (2/3BV) will move to 3/4R and will be taught by Miss Redwood.
Mrs Reeve’s class (2/3R) will move to 3/4J and will be taught by Mrs Johnson.
Miss Leckerman’s class (4L) will move to 5HA and be taught by Miss Hembling and Mrs Adesina.
Mr Hillson’s class (4H) will move to 5A and be taught by Mr Acquah. 
Miss Atkins will teach 6A. Year 5 classes will be mixed and parents will be informed shortly of which children are in 6A.
Miss Lucking will teach 6L. Year 5 classes will be mixed and parents will be informed shortly of which children are in 6L.
Mrs Barker will take maternity leave from November – congratulations to you and your family! Until she takes leave, Mrs Barker will support as an additional teacher for catch-up and interventions in Year 3/4.
Mrs Howard, will join Miss Hembling as job-share in 5HA, when she returns mid-year.
Welcome to all of our new staff and we look forward to pushing forward with our learning in September. 


End of Summer Term
School closes for Summer on Thursday 20th July.

Phones from September

We have had an increasing number of issues outside of school that are being brought into the classroom. Our priority is to educate and support which we will do. That said, we also have a duty to safeguard all children. To ensure a culture of trust and safeguarding, any child bringing their mobile device into school, from September, will be required to hand them to their class teacher, who will safely store them in a locked cupboard. This is not unusual practice and is common place in many primary settings. If you would rather the class teacher did not safely store your child’s phone during the day, then please do not send them to school with a mobile device. Thank you for your co-operation.

Trading cards 

A number of children enjoy trading cards, such as Pokemon and football stickers. Unfortunately, the school cannot be responsible for any swaps that pupils make. Please have a discussion with your children regarding sensible trading/swaps if they choose to bring cards into school.

Year 6 Productions and Leavers Assembly
Year 6 Leavers Assembly will be on Wednesday 19th July at 2:00pm. 

The Year 6 end of term production will be on Wednesday 5th July at 2pm and Thursday 6th July at 6:30pm.  Please complete our online for to secure your tickets/programmes.

Attendance update

A huge thank you to everyone who is supporting our attendance drive and echoing the importance of education. Please help us, in a final  push, to achieve our 97% target. School attendance is compulsory and we expect to see all children in school. 



Attendance: Our school target is 97%

Year to date 94%

We expect pupils to be in school everyday.

We will not authorise term time absence except in exceptional circumstances and where appropriate, Essex County Council will issue fines.


RD:  92% RRB: 95%
1N:  92% 1R:  89%
2/3A:  94% 2/3BV: 82%
2/3R: 94%  
4H: 94% 4L: 99%
5L:   88% 5P: 95%
6A: 99% 6G: 99%

This week, the classes with the highest attendance was 6A and 6G with 99%. Well done! The attendance reward will be coming your way..

Key Dates

03/07/23 – Year 2/3 trip to Colchester Castle

05/07/23 Year 6 production 2pm

05/07/23 Strike Day – separate email being sent

06/07/23 Year 6 production 6:30pm

06/07/23 Nursery Sports Day

10/07/23 Strike Day – separate email being sent

10/07/23 Reception trip to Barleylands

10/07/23 Meet the new class teachers 3:30pm to 5pm

19/07/23 Year 6 Leavers assembly 2pm

20/7/23 End of Term

Curriculum focus – Our week in photos

Lower School Sports Day, Year 6 Science Day


Jack P’s team won the U7’s Rayleigh football tournament. Congratulations Jack, what an amazing achievement!!