Awesome attendance

Ensuring your child attends school regularly and on time is crucial for their academic success and overall well-being. As partners in your child’s education, we want to provide you with some important information regarding attendance and absence policies.

According to the Statutory Guidance on School Attendance and Absence, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children attend school regularly and punctually. We take this responsibility seriously at Glebe.

What constitutes an authorised absence?

Only the school can authorise an absence. If your child is unable to attend school due to illness or any other reason, please inform the school promptly by telephone (or email for Resource base children). The school will then decide whether to authorise the absence.

Please note that there are only a few valid reasons for your child’s absence. If your child is absent without a valid reason, the school will reach out to you to discuss the matter further.

Regarding holidays during term time, it’s important to understand that taking time off for family holidays is not an automatic entitlement. Schools have the discretion to authorise a holiday in exceptional circumstances, but this is subject to the school’s assessment of the situation.

It’s crucial to be aware that unauthorised absences, including holidays taken during term time, can result in penalties or legal action.

At Glebe, we place a strong emphasis on promoting regular attendance and punctuality as foundational elements for your child’s academic journey. Being on time for school ensures that your child doesn’t miss valuable learning opportunities.

We deeply appreciate your continued support in making every minute count in your child’s education journey.

Thank you for your cooperation and partnership in ensuring the best possible educational experience for your child.

Be An Attendance Hero!

Attention all Children! Are you ready to be a HERO? At our school, being an Attendance HERO means showing up every day ready to learn, grow, and have fun with your friends. Be (Here, Ready, everyday, on Time!)

Being an Attendance HERO is super important because when you come to school every day, you help yourself and your classmates succeed. You get to be part of exciting lessons, fun activities, and make memories that last a lifetime!

Remember, every day counts, and every child plays a special role in our school community. So, put on your cape, grab your backpack, and let’s be Attendance HEROES together! We believe in you!”


Be a good time-keeping HERO

Be a SuperHERO with attendance


The Role of the Parent Side-kick!

Our Attendance Comparisons

Our current Year to date attendance is 94%. Currently, the national average is 92.2%

Well Done Attendance HEROs. We are above National!

More detailed comparative links can be found at:

Pupil attendance in schools, Week 4 2024 – Explore education statistics – GOV.UK (

Our Current Persistent absence level is: 18.6%

The National comparison is 20.5%.

Well Done Attendance HEROs. We are below the National Persistent absence!