Gazette 28/06/2024

Headteacher’s Message

Dear Glebe Families

I hope this message finds you well.  I am delighted to share some wonderful updates from our school.  First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for your support in making our recent transition day a resounding success.  The children adapted quickly to their new classes and had a wonderful time, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff.

A special mention goes to our pupils who participated in QuadKids.  They were exemplary role models for our school, displaying outstanding sportsmanship and team spirit.  We are incredibly proud of their achievements and the way they represented our school.

During our recent climate walks, we were impressed by the positive working attitudes of our children.  It is wonderful to see them embodying the values we strive to instil.

Thank you once again for your continuous support and dedication.  We hope to see many of you at the summer fete tonight, that the Friends of Glebe have organised.  A huge thank you to them for their support.

Warm regards

Mr Clarke




A huge well done this week to:

1D: Amelia B & Artie M

1M: Harper B & Jack H

2N: George F & Darcy B

2VH: Logan L & Cohen B

3/4 J: Hunter H & Henry S

3/4 P: Olivia N & Pippa F

3/4 R: Albie L, Jack A, Gracie Mai H & Harry K


5A: Charlie B & Johnny L

5L: Max R & Leroy A

6A: N/A

6L: N/A


Attendance: Our school target is 97%

Year to date 94%

We expect pupils to be in school everyday.

We will not authorise term time absence except in exceptional circumstances and where appropriate, Essex County Council will issue fines.


RS: 95.0% 3/4R: 91.6%
RP: 97.9% 3/4P: 95.7%
1D: 97.3% 5A: 97.4% 
1M: 96.0% 5L: 94.3%
2N: 94.1%  6A: 89.7%
2VH: 94.3% 6L: 92.8%
3/4J: 97.7%  

This week, the class with the highest attendance was RP with 97.9%.  Well done!  The attendance reward will be coming your way.


Echo Newspaper – Year 6

On Tuesday 9 July, the Echo Newspaper will be publishing its School’s Out photo special featuring photos of top years from across the region.

Free School Meals – Current Year 2 (Year 3 in September 2024)

Parents of children in Year 2 will be charged for school dinners from September when their child moves to Year 3.  If you think that your child may qualify for free school meals, please apply from 1 August 2024 via this link: Free school meals: Eligibility for free school meals | Essex County Council

Glebe Uniform

Please refer to where you will find a section named SCHOOL UNIFORM for the list of uniform items, photos and price list.


Due to the inflation of food costs and the rise in minimum wage, from 1 September 2024, school meals will cost £2.50 for KS2 pupils.

Fortnightly Focus – Individual Liberty/Praise Others

Do you know what’s cool?  It’s called individual liberty! This means you have the freedom to be yourself and make your own choices.  You can pick what games to play, what books to read and even what dreams to chase.  But guess what? Everyone else has this freedom too!  So, it’s important to be kind and praise others when they do something great.  When your friend shares their games or toys, say “Thank you!”  When someone draws a great picture, tell them, “Wow, that’s amazing!”  By celebrating each other’s choices and talents, we make the world a happier place for everyone.  So, let’s cheer each other on and enjoy our individual liberties together!

Music Moment of the Week

Name of song: Count on Me

Composer: Bruno Mars

In the song, Bruno sings about being a kind friend and letting others count on him when they are in need.  The song reminds us to be a good and kind friend to anyone who is having a hard time.  Listen to the music, has it got a fast tempo?  Are there a lot of rhythms?  Is it major or minor?  When Bruno Mars wrote this song, he carefully thought about the different aspects of music so it would sound calming and comforting to those having a hard time.  The music is major so sounds positive and uplifting.  The tempo is andante (walking pace, not fast) and the rhythms are simple which makes the song feeling calming and reassuring.

Influential Figure of the Week

Lenny Henry is a famous British comedian, actor and writer.  He was born in England and became well-known for making people laugh with his funny jokes and performances.  Lenny started his career on a TV show called “The Fosters” and then became a star on a comedy show called “Tiswas.”

He is also famous for helping to start Comic Relief, a charity that raises money to help people in need.  Comic Relief has a special day called Red Nose Day where people wear red noses and do funny things to raise money.

Lenny Henry loves telling stories and making people laugh and he’s used his talent to help others and bring joy to many people.

Key Dates

3 July – Nursery sports day (morning).

5 July – Sports day.

5 July – Year 5 author visit to The Sweyne Park School.

9 July – Year 2 Florence Nightingale workshop.

9 July – Year 6 Production to parents at 5.30pm.

11 July – Year 6 Production to parents at 9.30am.

18 July – Year 6 leavers’ assembly to parents at 2.15pm.

QuadKids Athletics Competition

On Wednesday 26 June, 15 children from Years 3-6 represented the school at the QuadKids athletics competition at Deanes School.


This is a very demanding competition where each child is tested in agility, strength, speed and endurance.  On a very hot day, the children took part in a sprint race, long distance race, long jump and vortex throw.  Times and distances were all converted into points and added to the overall team score.  The children were a credit to the school in the way they competed.  They worked as a team and cheered each other on throughout the day.


Our Year 5 and 6 children finished in a creditable 3rd place.  The Year 3/4 team unfortunately had a member absent.  They were therefore up against it from the very beginning, but they did well to finish in 5th place.


A massive thank you to Mrs Coppard and Mrs Larkin for accompanying the team to the event and helping Mr Acquah with the smooth running of the event.  Thanks to all the parents who offered transport to the venue and back.


Caterlink Spring/Summer 2023-24 Lunch Menu

Caterlink Food Choices


Please let the school office know what your child is having to eat if they will be late to school.  The kitchen deadline for school dinners is 9.45am.  Jacket potatoes and grab bags will be available after this time, subject to availability.


Grab Bags


Please note that cheese grab bags are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Ham grab bags are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 



Caterlink Wimbledon Theme Day

Book Fair

The book fair will be here from Monday to Friday, next week.  Parents can purchase books from the KS1 library every day, after school, from 3.15pm to 4.00pm.  We will get some money back for every book sold to spend at Scholastic.


Spotlight on Safeguarding

Intrepid Ventures Holiday Camp at Glebe

Premier Education Holiday Camp

Southend Wheelers

The Deanes Summer Activate Camp

Friends of Glebe