Gazette 14/06/2024

Headteacher’s Message

Dear Glebe Families

Another busy week at Glebe has flown by, filled with accomplishments and exciting activities!

This week, our Year 1 children have completed their phonics screening checks and we are exceptionally proud of all of them!  Their hard work has truly paid off.  Meanwhile, our Year 4 children have been diligently working on their multiplication checks and are doing an incredible job.  Keep up the great work, Year 4!  A special shout-out to Year 6, who have been involved in enterprise week.  They made some phenomenal pitches and offered activities that were unique, eco-friendly and adaptable to all ages.  Their creativity and initiative have been truly inspiring.

We also want to extend our thanks to everyone who has supported us in tightening our uniform expectations in preparation for the full switch in September.  While we do not expect parents to buy new uniform at this point in the year, we do ask that all PE uniform are in school colours.  Please remember that starting in September, both PE uniform and school uniform will be non-negotiable.

Lastly, good luck to our wonderful choir tonight as they sing their hearts out at the Cliffs as part of the annual music festival.  We are incredibly proud of their talent and commitment.

Thank you for your continued support.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards

Mr Clarke




A huge well done this week to:

1D: Isabelle F & Melissa P

1M: Ashton W & Maisie P-T

2N: Harry T & Harley C

2VH: Sam W & Jacob P

3/4 J: Henry F & Archie H

3/4 P: Betsy B & Oliver P

3/4 R: Jenson F & Riley W


5A: Oscar W & Pedro B M

5L: James R & Sadie U

6A: Archie R & Keira C

6L: Tilly B & Ruby J


Attendance: Our school target is 97%

Year to date 94%

We expect pupils to be in school everyday.

We will not authorise term time absence except in exceptional circumstances and where appropriate, Essex County Council will issue fines.


RS: 98.2% 3/4R: 89.0%
RP: 89.2% 3/4P: 88.9%
1D: 97.0% 5A: 90.3% 
1M: 92.3% 5L: 97.5%
2N: 89.3%  6A: 93.8%
2VH: 92.3% 6L: 91.0%
3/4J: 95.2%  

This week, the class with the highest attendance was RS with 98.2%.  Well done!  The attendance reward will be coming your way.


Lunchtime Star Players

Well done to Lucy W, Floyd B, Jessica F, Isabelle F, Theo B, Rodney T, Esme S, Annie S, Johnny L, Eleanor J, Daphne W, Ella E, Dolly C-B, Elvis S, Eddie R, Jess H and Sofia H.

Fortnightly Focus – Individual Liberty/Communicate What You Want Appropriately

Individual liberty is so important because it means that we all have the freedom to be ourselves and to express our thoughts and feelings in a respectful way.  When we respect each other’s individual liberty, we create a world where everyone feels valued and included.  And when we communicate what we want in a respectful way, we can work together to solve problems and build strong, supportive relationships.

Remember, everyone, that individual liberty and communicating what you want appropriately are important British values that we should all try to live by.  Let’s all strive to be kind, inclusive and respectful of each other’s thoughts and feelings.  Together, we can create a world where everyone feels free to be themselves and to express themselves in a way that brings us closer together.

Music Moment of the Week

Music Title: Brandenburg Concerto no. 4.

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach (German).

Period: Baroque

Written: 1721

This piece of music is one of the most famous compositions in classical music ever written.  It was written by a man named Johann Sebastian Bach.  Listen to the music, you should be able to hear lots of different instruments.  They all sound very different (violins, flutes, cello and harpsichord).  Bach understood that all instruments have their own sound so he wrote a different part for each instrument.  No instrument is playing the same tune but all instruments are working together to create one piece of music.  Each instrument’s individuality is celebrated but also equal to the other instruments.

Glebe Uniform

Please refer to where you will find a section named SCHOOL UNIFORM for the list of uniform items, photos and price list.


Please could parents be mindful where they park along Creswick Avenue as we have received some complaints regarding parking over residents’ driveways.  Thank you for your co-operation.


Due to the inflation of food costs and the rise in minimum wage, from 1 September 2024, school meals will cost £2.50 for KS2 pupils.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness Week – 17 June to 21 June 2024

Next week is Glebe’s mental health and wellbeing awareness week.  One of our focuses for the week is ‘Move to Improve your Mental Health.’  Whilst we have lots of different things planned within school, it would be great if you could get involved at home too.  It may be walking to school when you usually come in the car, an extra visit to the park or some time in the garden; whatever works best for you!  Each year group will be looking into different emotions through a range of activities across the week, ending with a non-uniform day on Friday 21 June 2024.  We have allocated each year group an emotion and a colour to wear on Friday: EYFS-pink, Year 1-rainbow, Year 2-green, Year 3/4-red, Year 5-blue, Year 6-yellow

Key Dates

19 June – Nursery teddy bear’s picnic (afternoon).

20 June – District sports.

21 June – Non-uniform day.  EYFS-pink, Year 1-rainbow, Year 2-green, Year 3/4-red, Year 5-blue, Year 6-yellow.

28 June – Glebefest Summer fete from 3.00pm to 6.30pm.

3 July – Nursery sports day (morning).

5 July – Sports day.

9 July – Year 2 Florence Nightingale workshop.

9 July – Year 6 Production to parents at 5.30pm.

11 July – Year 6 Production to parents at 9.30am.

18 July – Year 6 leavers’ assembly to parents at 2.15pm.

Caterlink Spring/Summer 2023-24 Lunch Menu

Caterlink Food Choices


Please let the school office know what your child is having to eat if they will be late to school.  The kitchen deadline for school dinners is 9.45am.  Jacket potatoes and grab bags will be available after this time, subject to availability.


Grab Bags


Please note that cheese grab bags are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Ham grab bags are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 



Caterlink Wimbledon Theme Day

Spotlight on Safeguarding

Influential Figure of the Week

Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service

Intrepid Ventures Holiday Camp at Glebe

Friends of Glebe