Gazette 14/07/2023

Headteacher’s message

 I can’t quite believe we have reached the end of the last full week of term. This will be our last Gazette of the academic year. I would like to personally thankyou for your support throughout a time of rapid change. As we continue our Glebe journey, we must sadly bid farewell to some familiar faces:
Thank you to Mrs Row for her kindness, compassion and dedication in ensuring our Reception children are well prepared for life in Lower School. You will be sorely missed by all of us and we wish you the best of luck in your brand new challenge.
Good luck to Mrs Rawlinson, who has parachuted Twinkl phonics, into all of our lives this year. Mrs Rawlinson has been part of Glebe life for many years, firstly in the infants and latterly, as part of Glebe Primary school. Many families will have been taught by or worked with Mrs Rawlinson over the years and I know you will all miss her as much as we will. Good luck in your new school Mrs Rawlinson.
Thank you to Mrs Baylis. Mrs Baylis’ gentle nature and empathy has supported many KS1 children over the years at Glebe. She has worked hard to prepare children for their KS1 tests and for life in the Juniors. I will miss your kindness and consideration towards adults and children alike. Good luck in your new challenge.
We bid Mrs Reeves a fond farewell too. Her humour, fun-loving nature and joy of coffee and cake have been infectious. Mrs Reeves has been a valued member of our SLT this year in the role of Literacy leader. She leaves for promotion in a larger school to continue her many stories and populate staff meetings with any other business. Joking aside, the children and staff will miss her hugely. Good luck Mrs Reeves. 
Miss Leckerman leaves us at the end of term to take up a position in a new school. Since joining Glebe as an ECT, Miss Leckerman has built lovely relationships with the children. The children adore her creativity and I have loved listening to the joy that comes from the class next door. Good luck Miss Leckerman!
At the end of term, Mr Hillson also heads off to a new school. We will miss Mr Hillson’s humour, musical expertise and production organisation. Mr Hillson’s reliable, calm nature will be missed by the staff, and I will particularly miss his knowledge and expertise. Good luck Mr Hillson.
Thankyou to Mr Glasson who leaves for a whole new career. I know that all of the staff and pupils alike will miss your cheeky personality, warm sense of humour and total empathy that you offer. Genuinely, I wish you well for the future and will miss having you around. 
Mrs Souto will be departing at the end of term to enjoy a more relaxed life. Mrs Souto has been a shining star in the resource base. Her professionalism, kindness and utter dedication will be missed by the Resource Base children, staff and wider mainstream team. We wish you well for the future. 
Last, but by no means least, is Mrs Wyer. Mrs Wyer has been the face of Glebe for a number of years, that I am not allowed to say! Throughout that time, Mrs Wyer has been the first point of communication for parents, offering advice, words of wisdom and being there to provide a reassuring hug when needed. Mrs Wyer was the first face I saw when arriving at Glebe in the summer last year and I have relied on her support ever since. Thank you, Mrs Wyer, Good luck in the future. We will  miss you!
All that leaves for me to say, is good luck to our Year 6 pupils who leave us at the end of term for secondary life. As my first year 6 cohort at Glebe, I could not have asked for more wonderful children to act as role models for our school. We all wish you every success for the future. 
I hope that, when it arrives, you all enjoy a long, restful break with your families. I wish you all a lovely Summer and look forward to welcoming you back on 5th September. 

M Clarke



A huge well done this week to:

RRB:  Freya F& Melissa P   RD: Alexander T-C & Maisie P-T
1N:  Aluna T & Cohen B 1R:   Laura C & Harry T
2/3R:  Lottie G & Olly R 2/3BV:  Archie D & Adele R
2/3A:  Oliver G & Jack P  
4H:  Reuben M-S & Kunmi A 4L:  James R & Joshua C
5L:  Olly P & Archie H 5P:  Daisy-Rose A-B & Emily K
6A:  6G: 

Driving to school

Please be mindful when you are driving around the roads connecting to the school, we have been informed that there have been a few cars speeding along Talbot Avenue when children are crossing.

After School Club

May we please remind you that the after school club closes early on a Friday afternoon at 4:30pm.  Unfortunately, we can’t change the system to not accept a ‘C’ code for one day, which has caused a bit of confusion.

End of Summer Term
School closes for Summer on Thursday 20th July.

Phones from September

We have had an increasing number of issues outside of school that are being brought into the classroom. Our priority is to educate and support which we will do. That said, we also have a duty to safeguard all children. To ensure a culture of trust and safeguarding, any child bringing their mobile device into school, from September, will be required to hand them to their class teacher, who will safely store them in a locked cupboard. This is not unusual practice and is common place in many primary settings. If you would rather the class teacher did not safely store your child’s phone during the day, then please do not send them to school with a mobile device. Thank you for your co-operation.

Trading cards 

A number of children enjoy trading cards, such as Pokemon and football stickers. Unfortunately, the school cannot be responsible for any swaps that pupils make. Please have a discussion with your children regarding sensible trading/swaps if they choose to bring cards into school.

Year 6 Leavers Assembly
Year 6 Leavers Assembly will be on Wednesday 19th July at 2:00pm.  Maximum of 2 adults watching per child please, this is due to our fire regulations.  Entrance will be via Creswick Avenue only, the gate will be opening at approximately 1:50pm.  We look forward to welcoming you then!

Attendance update

A huge thank you to everyone who is supporting our attendance drive and echoing the importance of education. Please help us, in a final  push, to achieve our 97% target. School attendance is compulsory and we expect to see all children in school. 



Attendance: Our school target is 97%

Year to date 92%

We expect pupils to be in school everyday.

We will not authorise term time absence except in exceptional circumstances and where appropriate, Essex County Council will issue fines.


RD:  96% RRB: 93%
1N:  93% 1R:  87%
2/3A: 90% 2/3BV: 91% 
2/3R: 94%  
4H: 94%  4L: 96%
5L:   99% 5P: 88%
6A: 90% 6G: 94%

This week, the class with the highest attendance was 5L with 99%. Well done! The attendance reward will be coming your way..

Key Dates

19/07/23 Year 6 Leavers assembly 2pm

20/7/23 End of Term


Congratulations goes to Lucy W who has managed to get her 15m swimming badge and also passed her initial grade piano exam, getting a merit!  Well done Lucy!!

We were so proud to hear that Lola-Mae E,  Zach G, Alex F and Charlie S completed a 27 mile hike last weekend with the 1st Rayleigh Cub pack. The District Hub Hike was organised by the Crouch Valley Scouting District and is recognised as one of the most challenging events a Cub Scout will complete.  Below is a recognition letter explaining all the challenges the children went through. A massive well done to you all !!