Gazette 26/01/2024

Headteacher’s Message

Dear Glebe Families

I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the start of the weekend.  It was heartening to witness the energy and excitement during the parent lunch with 3/4R today.  The crafting activities sparked creativity and joy among the children, which is always wonderful to see.

This week, our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has been diligently collaborating with our teachers to further refine our curriculum.  We are steadfast in our commitment to crystallise the key knowledge that we aim for our children to grasp and retain.  Your child’s educational journey remains at the forefront of our collective efforts.

In our ongoing pursuit of excellence and responsiveness to feedback, I had the privilege of engaging in discussions with some Year 6 students during our pupil voice sessions.  Their insights are invaluable as we endeavour to foster an inclusive and enjoyable playground environment for all.

To foster a culture of responsible play and mutual respect, we have established the Room of Reflection.  This designated space provides an opportunity for anyone not aligning with our expectations of being a ‘star player’ or ‘ready to play’ to pause, reflect and reset with the support of a member of our leadership team.  We are resolute in our stance against any form of unkind or unacceptable behaviour and we remain steadfast in our commitment to guiding and supporting our children in navigating challenges with empathy and resilience.

Regrettably, I must inform you that we have had to postpone parents’ evening for 2N.  Rest assured, this event will be rescheduled upon Mrs Norman’s return, with Mrs Norman and Mrs Coote collaborating to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information regarding your child’s progress.  We recognise the importance of this connection and appreciate your understanding in accommodating this change.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  Wishing you all a restful and rejuvenating weekend ahead.

Warm regards

Mr Clarke




A huge well done this week to:

1D: Isla W and Rafferty T

1M: Maisie P-T and Lewis R

2N: Harry B and Micki-Lou C

2VC: Cohen B and Lilah G

3/4 J: Hunter H and Oliver P

3/4 P: Oliver P and Oliver M

3/4 R: Jack T and Emily C


5A: Charlie B and Cory C

5HL: Daniel P and Ella E

6A: Jazz D and Dimitris A-P

6L: Jack N-P and Zach G


Attendance: Our school target is 97%

Year to date 94.2%

We expect pupils to be in school everyday.

We will not authorise term time absence except in exceptional circumstances and where appropriate, Essex County Council will issue fines.


RS: 98.2% 3/4R: 92.0%
RP: 87.1% 3/4P: 96.9%
1D: 91.0% 5A: 99.3% 
1M: 96.7% 5HL: 97.0%
2N: 87.9%  6A: 91.7%
2VC: 87.9% 6L: 90.7%
3/4J: 95.3%  

This week, the class with the highest attendance was 5A with 99.3%.  Well done!  The attendance reward will be coming your way.


Fortnightly Focus – Communicate Appropriately

This fortnight we will be working as a whole school community on respectful communication.  This means that when we talk to each other, speak about each other and when we communicate with others, we are polite, kind, courteous and respectful.  We are teaching our children that although things may not always be as they would like, we can react appropriately to all situations.

Influential Figure of the Week – Professor Sarah Gilbert

Sarah was born in Kettering, England.  She is a professor at Oxford University.  She makes vaccines to help the body fight off deadly diseases.  She designed a vaccine to fight against Covid-19.

Music Moment of the Week – Benjamin Britten: Ceremony of the Carols

This week the children have been listening to Ceremony of the Carols in assembly.  Benjamin Britten composed the Ceremony of Carols in 1942 when he was on a sea voyage from the USA to England.  It is one of his best known and popular works.

Lunchtime Star Players

Well done to Nora B, Eleanor H, Teddy O, Eliza B, Amelia N, Aluna T, Bradley M, Noah J, Alfie L, Henry F, Charlie B, Peyton S, Dolly C-B, Lottie G, Riley W, Lily F, Lacey P and Jake J.

Key Dates

29 January –  Year 6 Danbury trip meeting at 3.30pm in the KS2 hall.

30-31 January – NCMP height, weight and vision checks for Reception children.

2 February – Year 1 Great Fire of London experience at Glebe.

2 February – FOGP Quiz night at Sweyne Park School from 7.00pm to 10.00pm.

12 February – NCMP height and weight checks for Year 6 children.

13 February – Parent and pupil consultation meetings.  School closes at 1.30pm.

16 February – FOGP Wear something you love day.  £1.00 donation.

19-23 February – Half term.

5 March – Year 5 trip to Layer Marney Tower.

7 March – World Book Day.

8 March – FOGP Mother’s Day event.

21 March – Class photographs.

25-28 March – Year 6 residential trip to Danbury.

27 March – Year 2 trip to Barleylands.

28 March – Last day of term.  After school club finishes at 4.30pm.

Resource Base Panathlon 10 Pin Bowling Event

On Wednesday, the Resource Base took part in the Panathlon 10 Pin Bowling event in Romford.  Children competed against other Resource Bases and each other to see who could get the highest score.  Some of the children got strikes and some got spares.  All of the children tried really hard and received a participation medal.  Congratulations to them for their perseverance, participation and outstanding behaviour.  They were great examples of Glebe’s LEARN values.


ActivAte Holiday and Food Programme – February Half Term

This programme provides free holiday activity and food clubs for young people aged 4-16 years old who are eligible for benefits based free school meals or low income working families.  Bookings are now live!


Please note for February half term:


Bookings are made directly with clubs (no e-vouchers).  To find local clubs, click on the link:


For more information on the differences between the main holiday and half term programmes, click on the link:


Spotlight on Safeguarding

Caterlink Autumn/Winter 2023-24 Lunch Menu

Please note that cheese grab bags are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Ham grab bags are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.