Headteachers message

Thank you to all of the parents who supported and showed flexibility during the industrial action this week. It didn’t mean that we slowed the pace at all.

During the celebration Assembly and from our monitoring this week, it is obvious that the children have been working harder than ever!

We look forward to welcoming you to parent consultations next week and sharing more information about the knowledge your children are gaining.

Hope you have a great weekend!

M Clarke


Please remember that all of our staff work exceptionally hard for you and your children. We are among the greatest role models they have and remind you that we cannot and will not tolerate any form of abuse on the phone or in person.

A huge well done this week to:

RRB: Isobel K and Alice T RD: Alexander T C and  Ruby G
1N: Jacob P and Sam W 1R: Darcy B and Archie A
2/3R: Ethan S and Lottie G 2/3BV: Leo M and Orson S
2/3A: Jack N and Olivia N  
4L: Fraser C and Harry W 4H: Kunmi A and Nila B
5L: Rae W and Shaya M 5P: Levi T and Amile N
6A: Aimee C and Roman P 6G: Summer S and Thomas G

Parents Evening
Please remember that school will close at 1:30pm on 7th February. 

Doll Donation
If you have any unwanted dolls or accessories that you would be happy to donate to Lower school playtimes, we would gratefully accept them. Please speak to Mrs Wyer if you are able to help.

School Lunch
Next week we will be on Week 3 of the Autumn Winter Dinner Menu.

Attendance: Our school target is 97

Year to date 95%

We expect pupils to be in school everyday.

We will not authorise term time absence except in exceptional circumstances and where appropriate, Essex County Council will issue fines.


RD: 97.58% RRB: 94.83%
1N: 95.33% 1R: 93.10%
2/3A: 94.19% 2/3BV: 95.67%
2/3R: 94.64%  
4H: 96.98% 4L: 96.67%
5L: 99.23% 5P: 90.32%
6A: 93.67% 6G: 92.00%

This week, the class with the highest attendance was 5L with 99.23%. Well done!The attendance reward will be coming your way..

Key Dates

07/02/23 Parent Consultations. School closes 13:30pm.Nursery open.
10/02/23 Last day of Term – Half Term
20/02/23 Return to School 12/03/23 Mock SATS week Year 6
31/03/23 Last Day of Term – Easter
17/04/23 Return to school
May 2023 Year 2 SATS
09/05/23 Year 6 SATS week
26/05/23 Half Term
05/06/23 Return to school
23/06/23 Sports Day
26/06/22-29/06/22 Year 6 Residential